Photography by Aaron J Sheppard

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Death of a Clown

"Death of a Clown"

Another Tulsa at Night photo.

Before Halloween, I was a guest for the Digital Photographers of Tulsa graveyard shoot for 2011. Along with being entirely intrigued by being able to shoot in a graveyard at night, I was also excited to see so many local photographers taking an interest in each other’s work. I am now a full member of the group and look forward to many other opportunities

Don’t Go Up There !!!!!

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Did you ever go to a place that just looked like it should be in a horror film and find yourself thinking, if I was watching this I would scream at the screen “Don’t Go Up There, You Idiot”?

The Forgotten

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I found this pile of old steam pipes in the basement of a building. Funny thing is the boiler unit that they were for was removed and left a giant hole in the floor, but these pipes were left behind to rust.