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Death of a Clown

"Death of a Clown"

Another Tulsa at Night photo.

Before Halloween, I was a guest for the Digital Photographers of Tulsa graveyard shoot for 2011. Along with being entirely intrigued by being able to shoot in a graveyard at night, I was also excited to see so many local photographers taking an interest in each other’s work. I am now a full member of the group and look forward to many other opportunities

Tulsa at Night : The Atlas Life building

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There are many things that transport me to other places or times. One of them is the Atlas Life building at night. A few years back there was a famous photo that made the cover the regional yellow pages. Because my parents sold the ads in similar books and continue to do so to this day, it reminds me of a piece of my childhood.

Winter can be beautiful : Ice

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A couple of winters ago, we had a major ice storm in the Tulsa area. As I am ever curious about natural ice formations, I naturally went out to explore. My house had several ice stalactites, many of which were over three feet in length. After breaking off several of them, I held each one up to the sun, until I came up with this shot. The sky was an almost un-natural blue, which gave the whole image the same cast. I especially like the frozen bubbles in the ice, not something I get to see everyday.

Black Can Be Beautiful

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Second Star to the Right……

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Senior Photos Don’t Have to be Boring